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Lookup Latitudes, Longitudes, and Time Zones

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Why Do People Like Haydn’s Jyotish?

It has an outstanding user interface - The program is fast, amazingly easy to use, and gives you what you want. This is the program that many professional Jyotishis and Jyotish authors actually use, including James T. Braha and Pat Hayward.

One unique feature of this software is that it displays little codes by each of the planets on the charts so you can instantly tell whether a planet is strong or weak and why it is strong or weak.

It’s flexible - it offers both the North and South Indian chart styles, English or Sanskrit, you can view everything on-screen, output it to a file to include in a book or email, or print it on paper.

It is inexpensive: $95 delivered via download.

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What Can Haydn’s Jyotish Do?

Calculate the positions of all of the planets for Jyotish and display their sign, angle within the sign, Nakshatra, Pada, Nakshatra Sub-Lords, Nakshatra syllable, velocity and direction.

Display the Rasi, Navamsa, and all of the usual Varga charts, as well as several unusual ones — Panchamsa, Shashtamsa, Ashtamsa, Ekadasamsa, Nadiamsa.

Show charts using either the North or South Indian style (diamond and square styles), with a choice of English or Sanskrit terminology, and many, many other options.

Display the Vimsottari Dasha periods, with Bhukti (Antardasha) levels for 120 years. You can view sub-Bhuktis (Praty-antardashas) for up to 200 lines of display.

Display Jaimini’s Chara Dasha periods, with Bhukti levels for 120 years.

It offers a choice of 14 Ayanamsas, the last of which allows you to enter your own custom Ayanamsas for any chart.

For looking up latitudes, longitudes and time zones it comes complete with a database of approximately 250,000 cities from around the world.

It shows planetary aspects along with indicators for Exalted/Fallen, Swakshetra, Combustion, Wining/Losing planetary wars, Dik Bala, Trikona Lordship, etc.

It displays the full Ashtaka Varga with detailed Bindus and Rekhas (with 3 styles of calculation: Parashara, Brihat Jataka, and Saravali).

Display Lagna charts for all of the planets, as well as Aruda Lagna.

Calculate and display Varshaphal charts.

Calculate and display the Shad Bala, Bhava Bala, and Vimshopak rating systems.

Superimpose information on Transiting Planets on the Rasi chart.

Calculate Tertiary Progressed charts, used in Richard Houck’s book, The Astrology of Death.

Calculate and display Bhava Lagna charts (with 3 house styles: Sripati, Vedic Equal, andPlacidus).

Calculate the Chaleta Bhava chart, from James T. Braha’s book, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer.

It also has many other features, including sunrise and sunset times, Kujadosha, moon waxing/waning, moon fullness, Tithis, Dagdha Rasis and Soli-Lunar Yogas (from Hart deFouw’s book, Light on Life), Yoga Point, Planetary Yogi, Duplicate Yoga, and Avayogi, Karakas, Raja Yogakarakas, and it gives textual descriptions of things one should note about each chart.

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What Kind Of Computers Does Haydn’s Jyotish Run On?

It runs on all PC’s and laptops with MS-DOS or Windows (10, Vista, 8, 7, XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, and 95). It also runs on Hewlett-Packard PalmTop HP-100 and HP-200 computers. Note: The demo version doesn't run on 64-bit Windows (such as 10, Vista, 8, or 7).

It also works on Apple Macintosh computers with OS X.

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What Do The Printouts Look Like?

These are full print outs. When you are using the program, you can choose to print as much, or as little as you wish. You can also print to an ASCII text file and use a word processor to edit the output if you’d like. Back to Top

What Is The Return Policy On Haydn’s Jyotish?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • You can return the software, within 30 days of purchase.
  • You will receive a refund for the purchase price.
  • You pay your return shipping costs.
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How Do I Get And Use The Demo?

To download the demo, click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions: The demo versions can do almost everything that the regular versions can, except create new charts. The demo versions come with a number of charts for famous people, and they can create new charts for dates only during the year 2000.

The demo versions are version 1.78, which include the new ACS American and International Atlases. They should take from 1 to 5 minutes to download.

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What Does Haydn’s Jyotish Cost?

It is $95 delivered via download.

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How Do I Place An Order?

You can place your order online or through the postal mail.
We accept online orders through PayPal using your Visa or MasterCard.
Click here to try it out!

You can also email us your order. Our e-mail address is: huntley@nLogN.com
Or you can mail your order and include payment by check (drawn in US funds on a US bank), money order, or even cash (We recommend placing the bills inside of an opaque greeting card).
With your payment, we’ll need to know:
  1. The name of the person the program will be registered for.
  2. The mailing address to send it to.
  3. Your phone number and e-mail address.
    (In case we have any questions about your order.)
  4. Which version to send: PC or Macintosh.
If you have any questions, our e-mail address, phone number and instructions on when to call are at the bottom of this page.

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How Do I Upgrade To The Latest Version?

An upgrade to the current version costs $30 (USA) or $40 (anywhere else in the world).
Note that the software is approximately 25 MB, so now it is delivered on CD, instead of diskette.
Along with payment, be sure to send your name and current mailing address, so that we can update your information in the database.
Click here to order an upgrade.
The current version is 1.80, which includes the ACS American and International Atlases, which provide the ability to lookup any of 250,000 cities from around the world, along with their latitudes, longitudes, time zones, and daylight saving time changes for the last century or so. By itself, the ACS Atlases cost $199, so this is quite a deal!
The other major improvement is that the program now includes almost all of the interpretation from James T. Braha’s book, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer. To see some examples of the output with the new interpretation, click here.

The improvement from version 1.79 to 1.80 is:
  • It was incorrectly indicating that Mars in the Second House causes Kuja Dosha.
  • Works with Windows 11.
The improvements from versions 1.78 to 1.79 are:
  • You can choose the style how dates are entered and displayed. Either American: mm/dd/yyy, European: dd.mm.yyyy, or Asian: yyyy-mm-dd.
  • For users running 64-bit Windows (10, Vista, 8 or 7), or running Mac OS, the screen is now about 4x larger.

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